Our promise to you

We offer a range of potential services and let you decide where you need help. We aim to fit into your business whether we’re just here to answer questions, or manage the whole process for you.

We don’t sell you software unless it’s absolutely essential, nor do we invoice you for advice or services that you don’t need and won’t benefit from. Instead we explain your options and the decisions you must make, and then recommend the simplest and most cost effective route to compliance.

Above all, we promise to be easy to deal with, easy to understand and to make it easy for you to implement auto-enrolment for your employees. We also offer on-going support, reviews and updates to keep your auto-enrolment processes simple, effective and easy to administer (and we’ll also help you re-enrol later on).

We ensure compliance. Already some businesses are finding that mistakes in their initial approach have required them to re-implement auto-enrolment. Our aim is to get it right first time, without adding expensive and time-consuming layers of administration.

We’re in partnership with our clients to create practical, cost-effective solutions. We provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, along with a menu of services so that you only pay for what you need. Because partnership is our aim, we are always available to advise on other employee benefits, risk management and communications, so that seamless, practical resolutions to auto-enrolment- and other problems, are always within your grasp.


Automatic enrolment - Simplified solution by Helm Godfrey

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