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For over 30 years I have tried to put my intelligence, integrity and vision at the heart of the service I provide, embracing new opportunities and 'cutting edge' thinking where they were truly of service:

In 1988 I was providing 'Objective Based Financial Planning' - three decades before it became the Industry Standard. In the early 2000s I was looking for investments that were solutions to our environmental challenges - ten years before this began to be mainstream. In 2003 I started to work on a fee basis - a decade before this became a requirement.

I have recently trained as a coach, using my skills to enhance what can be achieved in the client/adviser relationship. I have been able to help my clients in a number of different situations. Some have come wanting to know if they are on track to achieve their goals, and indeed to clarify what those goals should be. For some it may be protecting their families from death or disability, for others it might be to clarify when they will want to retire and how much will be enough to retire on. They may also need help with planning for the cost of education of children and grandchildren, as well as property purchases etc.

Others have received inheritances, suffered a bereavement or divorce and want to explore what they should be doing with their money and how it fits in with their plans and aspirations. Some people are approaching retirement - the time when they no longer wish nor need to work and want to plan this transition. Then there is the organisation of affairs and estates in the latter part of life, to provide for care or nursing and to make sure as much of their wealth goes to their chosen beneficiaries. In all these situations I am able to take account of and integrate any ethical, environmental and social concerns clients may have.

The heart of good service is always understanding what is most important to the individual or couple at that time and as it changes throughout their lives. The use of products, plans, investments, trusts, and wills etc., the provision of advice, and the use of specialist third parties, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers etc., is always secondary and serves only to find the best way of helping clients to achieve their goals.

I very much enjoy sitting down with new clients, understanding their goals and current situations, and then seeing how I can help them. I look forward to receiving your call or email and then to meeting you and seeing how I can help. First/exploratory meetings are always without cost or obligation.



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