Bruce Wilson ACA FIFP CFP

Director & Financial Life Planner

Bruce’s holistic approach to financial planning puts his client’s life at the heart of the process rather than their money. He sees his role as that of a guide as his clients explore their lives, their aspirations, their dreams and what they want to achieve. What does it mean to them to live a meaningful life.

Bruce’s Lifetime Wealth Management Experience programme:

  • Explores and articulates your life goals

  • Encompasses them in your lifetime cash flow plan

  • Creates an asset risk based investment plan

  • Holds the investments within appropriate tax structures for maximum efficiency

  • Reviews and updates your plans to keep them in line with your goals

Bruce is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning, Certified Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner. He was the founding Managing Director of Helm Godfrey Partners, a former director and Vice- President of the Institute of Financial Planning and advising clients for over 27 years.

He also co-authored The 7 Secrets of Money which outlines his approach to a successful investment experience.

Outside of work, Bruce is a lifelong yoga practionner who loves travelling, cycling and walking and in 2012 completed the 480 mile Camino de Santiago de Compostela—a walk or any partof which he would heartily recommend.

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