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Helm Godfrey helps education future apprentices about finance

Since 2013 we have been partnering with City Gateway, an organisation that helps young people into apprenticeships by providing them with training and support. We believe that educating the youth on finances, credit and pensions is a fundamental aspect in beginning ones career.

Our wealth management adviser, Anthony Nash, has been leading financial education classes for young people into apprenticeships through City Gateway. As part of their curriculum, Anthony’s courses provide them with the fundamental aspects of their paychecks, where their money goes, pensions, and credit. The response from the students is the best testament to our investment in their future.  

Helm Godfrey wins the Volunteer Programme Award

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the Volunteer Programme Award!  Anthony Nash has been recognised for his voluntary work teaching young people from East London about personal finances and workplace skills. Anthony was named over fellow-finalist Barclays as Volunteer Programme Award winner at apprenticeship charity City Gateway’s 15th anniversary Crystal Gala hosted by the Lord Mayor at London’s Guildhall on Thursday, 19 March.

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Anthony Nash wins award


Teaming up to highlight the importance of apprenticeship schemes

We are thrilled to have teamed up with Eddie Stride CEO of City Gateway and Charlie Mullins Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers, to highlight the importance of apprenticeship schemes.  

Charlie Mullins, Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers

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"It was lovely hearing from him as he gave us a lot more ideas on ways to make our futures bright and also ways to keep a budget on money receive."

"Anthony Nash was an enthusiastic speaker and I learnt a lot from him, about finance and also how we can work our way up in a business. It shows that you do not need A levels to be so successful."

"I found this presentation extremely useful as it made me realise the importance of handling and obtaining finance."

"Having Anthony Nash join us for the afternoon session was really fun, he was very engaging and spoke very clearly. I personally learned a lot from him and from the path that he chose to take. Also how he seized his opportunities really stood out to me."

"The Presentation that Anthony had delivered today was enthusiastic and inspirational. I have learnt a lot of things from this about the world of work. it has helped me to become more aware of the financial world that I live in. I can use this information for life as this activity occurred in everyday life."

"Having Anthony Nash come in to our class was really motivational because he told us how he started from the bottom and with hard work made it to the top. It was a reminder that anything is possible if you simply put in dedication in the work you are provided and that life is simply not easy. He also talked to us about budgeting our money which was really useful as being a young teen my money would normally just be spent on clothes and make up. He gave us an understanding on what our taxes actually go towards and the benefits of having a pension fund."

"We can relate to him cos we didn’t go to university, we need that inspiration."

"It was inspirational, but when he said it cost his marriage it made us think, what if you do what he did, trying to work yourself up but you lose things that are important to you on the way."

"It was insightful of how you can get a career even without university."

"It was interesting, entertaining and informative. He spoke about things that I didn't know before and interested me and great deal and he also grabbed my attention from the start."

"I found Anthony Nash coming into our class very helpful. He was very inspirational. I appreciate him giving up his time to come in and speak to us."

"Anthony's presentation was very helpful as he delivered a lot of information without making me feel like I was being overloaded with information, also he was very energetic when presenting which helped to keep me focused and interested."

"He made me feel very motivated about working. I understand that everyone has to work their way up in life no matter how hard it may be and also, how long it would take."

"Anthony Nash has been a pleasure to listen to, he didn't bore me out with his talking but he made me feel engaged even though he was speaking to all the class as well, he gave me an understanding of how TAX's work and how hard it can be for a business person to make the right choices. From his session I don't think I will have a career in business as it is hard work, you have to be mentally ready and be able to give it 200%. Now I really respect the people that go into the industry of banking as now I know how hard it can be."

"He is amazing at what he does.  His ability to stand infront of strangers and know exactly what he is talking about is 5*.  I am sure everyine can see he has put time and effort into his profession and is well deserved for every penny he earns.  Hopefully his pay is high as we need more financial advisers as real and honest as he is."

"I really found is presentation motivated and interesting. I can even go further and say that he motivated me to more confident on my presentations. Interacting with the public and using it to captivate the audience attention. He also spoke about interesting facts that are always good to know. He made us feel comfortable and he answered our doubts in the best way.

I learned a lot with his presentation. I learned about economics and work "rules", ethics and benefits. And also how to present in a comfortable way.
He truly inspired my and made me give my best to achieve my goals."

"Anthony has been very helpful with his presentation. I have definitely learnt a lot from his presentation skills and I found his teaching skills very productive."

"I feel that Anthony’s financial advice was very helpful. I now know how to budget my money and spend wisely. His presentation was very intriguing and he made it fun for us so we didn’t get bored he included jokes, anecdotes and engaged the audience. I feel that I learnt a lot from his presentation."

"His session was really helpful as he demonstrated presentational skills which I believe will be very helpful in my working life as he gives simply was on how to break the ice with an audience and use different strategies such as rhetorical questions that will help with my presentations."

"Really good.  Really informative.  Couldn't ask for more."

"[Anthony]..... gave us the harsh truth."

"He tried to keep us engaged." (And definitely succeeded)

"Really engaging and good."

"He made complicated things simple."

"We got information worth £220, for free..... + VAT!"

"I'm definitely going to use the budget sheet."

"I'm going to pay off my credit card when I get paid."

"He inspired me."

"It was great because I learned what I should and shouldn't do."

''Now I've got really clear guidelines."

"I found it really interesting and helpful especially finding out about all the hidden costs in borrowing money and interest rates and I was quite surprised that Starbucks did not pay tax but what they did is clever..thumbs up for them for thinking about that."

Oh yeh I now know why April fools is called 'april fools’".

"Yes I enjoyed the financial training, I learnt a lot. I was surprised to know that previous employers can not give you a bad reference".

"I think the session we had with Anthony Nash was very useful and interesting as I myself learnt a lot of things that I never knew before. The best thing that I liked about him was that he explained his points in detail with examples and he was also enjoyable to listen to."

"It was siiiiiiiiiik bruv learnt a lot especially about that financial year thing but overall it was good.. Have a good one mate".

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