What Our Clients Say About Us

The best testament to our work comes from our clients, who are also our greatest advocates.

Should you need to make any adjustments to the existing portfolio we are happy for you to go ahead. We believe you have your clients interest at heart with your recommendations so we continue to have faith in your proposals. I'm sure you look at it that if the client does well, you in turn do well. We are both grateful for your continued efforts, to maintain a steady increase in the portfolio valuation.

G & LC, wealth management clients

"I feel in very safe hands working with Susie. The language used in the financial sector can be incredibly complicated and overwhelming, but Susie has the ability to cut through the jargon and provide me with the information and advice I need to help me make an informed decision about my finances. It is important to me that I am set up for a comfortable and secure future and I feel on the right path thanks to Susie”.

JL, a wealth management client

 "My wife and I are immensely grateful for the support and quality of service provided by Helm Godfrey. Financial planning was always tortuous for us, causing stress and anxiety. Working with Barry and Oliver has been deeply grounded, rigorous, ultimately optimistic and it has to be said, life-changing. We’re now in better shape financially and looking forward to our future with “the lights on”, relieved and grateful to know that we have such sound and friendly know-how available to us”.

Simon, a wealth management client

"Just a quick mail of appreciation for the services Susie has provided me with...I have received clear explanations of available choices for investment and feel that she understood my personal financial situation, along with my risk quotient. Hopefully the investments I made will pay off in the medium to long term......
A big thank you to Susie!"

JC, a wealth management client

HiFX Logo





"Prior to appointing Helm Godfrey, I spent several months considering consultancy firms to review our benefits and ensure that we had the most robust pension scheme in place.

HiFX required a partner to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of our employee benefits. Upon appointment, Helm Godfrey took the time to understand our current arrangements and our people, reviewing the full spectrum of benefits spend to ensure that they were fit for purpose.

Their recommendations were clear, succinct, thorough and ultimately resulted in a significant reduction in charges. Changing a pension scheme can be a complex process – Helm Godfrey were instrumental in helping HiFX implement the changes.

Feedback from our people has been great. We had an 80% take-up in salary sacrifice, which was testament to the engagement efforts of Helm Godfrey’s pension team as we have had traditionally experienced low employee take-up into the pension scheme.

The HG team turned something that is quite boring (for most employees) to understand into something interactive and engaging. They spent time with each of our people in one-to-one meetings and group presentations ensuring that each one of our employees really understood the benefits of a pension.

Helm Godfrey are now our ‘eyes and ears’ for employee benefits legislation and our trusted advisor for the impacts these changes will have on HiFX ongoing. They are proactive and experts in their field, taking an active role in ensuring the success of each implementation and continuous management of our various other benefit schemes."

Peter Samuel, HR Director, HiFX PLC

“Having worked with several IFAs across various continents it wasn't until I met the guys at Helm Godfrey that it felt I had finally found a company who listens. They don't perform miracles, but their approach to Life Planning is rare, refreshing and, most importantly, effective. Common sense (frequently on complex issues), and insightful advice backed-up with great service and administrative support, I could not have wished for more.”

Mark, a wealth management client

"We first came to know Susie when she took over our account from a previous employee at Helm Godfrey around twenty years ago and from those early days, as time went by, Susie became more and more invaluable to us. Her advice and counselling in financial matters has never faltered and has never been anything but effective and of the utmost help.

As well as being a thoroughly nice person, she is professional and clearly knows her business and it is entirely thanks to her help in planning and execution that we have achieved our objectives.

It is our opinion that Susie is deserving of the highest of praise and recognition."

Kevin and Dawn, wealth management clients

"I can honestly say that the services provided by Helm Godfrey over the last 3 years have been amazing, at a time in my life of extreme difficulty having to cope with legalities of bereavement and illness myself, the financial concerns were put to the forefront in order to ensure my children and family were supported. With the advice from Helm Godfrey, an enormous weight was removed from my shoulders, the financial advice and guidance to the company working alongside the Associates’ Solicitor’s who dealt with issues around Power of Attorney and inheritance tax through to dealing with taxation issue. It has been a seamless process at this extremely emotional time for myself and family and I’ve not only been given sound financial advice whilst in this difficult financial economy but also guidance in order to allow me to make what I feel is the best decisions based on my family’s interest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helm Godfrey to future clients who have dealt with everything with such care and empathy."

Katie, a wealth management client


The Children's Trust






“Staff meetings and one-to-ones are extremely well received by employees. Their interest in, and appreciation of, the pension benefits have never been so high and there are nearly 50 new joiners this month. A job well done, thanks.”

Simon Browning, Director of Finance, The Children’s Trust

"An outstanding service!"

Mark, a wealth management client

"First rate, all along and ever since signing up to Universities Assurance 40 years ago!"

Christopher, a wealth management client

 "I have worked in capital markets for many years and manage my own asset allocation. Simon understands this but is always available if I want to talk through ideas with him. If I decide to take a long-term view on a certain asset class, Simon will recommend the best fund managers in that particular area. Importantly, this includes the fees that the fund manager charges, and the cost of buying and selling. I enjoy my discussions with Simon, in my opinion he is both he is knowledgeable and trustworthy. He is well placed to help anybody through the complicated world of pension planning."

John, a wealth management client

 NYSE Euronext



“Helm Godfrey provides a superior service. They are timely, in control, responsible, knowledgeable and truly great value – everything we want. We also use their iCHOOSE benefits platform. It’s a great product and it is extremely efficient for us. We can add anything we need to, including the ability to easily manage the transition when a company is acquired. It makes assimilating and acquiring other companies so much easier. All in all, they excel in their field and we're very happy with the support they provide.”

David Peach, Human Resources Director, NYSE Euronext

"My adviser is reliable and always accessible by phone. I have confidence the advice given and action taken were all in my best interest. All that is needed now is for me to live long enough to realise the full benefit of my investment 20 years ago in a secure pension fund. It still seems very difficult for the individual to do better through such a vehicle than by direct personal investment in the stock market. Insurance companies clearly insist that their security is more important than my ultimate benefit! Thank you for your advice and support in achieving the best that could be achieved."

Sheila, a wealth management client

 "Simon took over a difficult situation because our previous advisor had let us down. He invested a great deal of time and effort in sorting out our affairs, much of which he was not compensated for because of the commitment his company made. We have found Simon to be responsive and easy to do business with. He is prepared to challenge but without being domineering."

Shaun, a wealth management client

“I have always been very happy with all the advice and results I have had from Susie Foottit, she is excellent.”

Diane, a wealth management client

"Over the years I am happy that Helm Godfrey have given balanced advice."

Pamela, a wealth management client

"Financial advice is about trust in the individual that provides that advice. Over the many years I have known Alan, I have always found him to be honest, give straight forward advice and have always felt he has acted in my best interests."

Paul, a wealth management client

"My wife and I are very pleased with the service, and attention, which David Son has given us over the years he has been our FA. His advice has been helpful, and good in building up our SIPP, and we trust him implicitly. As one should be able to do with someone handling our financial future! This all goes back to my first policy through Universities Assurance Services, about 45 years ago!"

Tony, a wealth management client

"Simon has been most helpful, giving expert advice and support. He takes time and care to explain various options and, as I am personally not familiar with the world of finance and investment, this is much appreciated. He is careful to ascertain my attitude to risk and gives regular updates and reminders, e.g. about ISAs. I'd highly recommend Simon."

Graham, a wealth management client





“If there were one word I would use to describe Helm Godfrey, it would be 'consistent'.

They consistently provide my employees with support in many areas, they consistently update me on changes in the market and legislation, their staff retention is excellent, so I consistently get the same team managing my schemes which ensures consistency of advice. There is nothing I would want to change in how they operate ­ they consistently provide an excellent all round service.”

Barry Chambers, Director, Annington Homes Limited

"Thank you both (Susie and Neil) for your time and patience with me! I am delighted with the fantastic pension performance over the last few months, and really appreciate all your help and advice."

Mike, a wealth management client

"Simon has an excellent grasp of the financial services market and products, and is able to explain them clearly. He gives options with an explanation of the relative pros and cons of each, so I can be confident that the decisions I make are the right ones for me. Simon fully addresses questions, whether in meetings, by phone or e-mail, and does so promptly."

Paul,a wealth management client

"To know that I can always ring Peter Taylor with any questions, however trivial, is very reassuring."

Angela, a wealth management client

"I have a long association with Neil Sims and value his advice."

David, a wealth management client

"Simon is very personable, approachable and friendly. Very good at communication, e-mailing updates and details of investments. Took care to explain all the options and give general good advice. Made every possible effort to get the best annuity deal."

George, a wealth management client

 "I can only repeat again how grateful I am to Mark Finster for all his care and advice."

Robert, a wealth management client

 "A pleasure being looked after by Neil Sims. Thank you for making it all so clear.

Lindsay, a wealth management client

Incisive Media




“Pension schemes can be overwhelming. The work that Helm Godfrey does around pension scheme advice and education has resulted in a very low number of employees in the default fund. They take the time to meet with each employee and review their personal pension, educating them along the way. Helm Godfrey works in partnership with me and I highly value their services.”

Emma Cutbill, Benefits Manager, Incisive Media

"I feel that Simon really treats me as an individual. He is very patient and will spend as much time as I need to make sure that I understand exactly how my money is being invested and that I am happy with any decisions we choose to make. He always takes time to answer my questions fully and listens to any concerns I may have. As someone who is inexperienced in investments it is very reassuring to have someone like Simon to help and advise me."

Sharon, a wealth management client

"I would like to thank you both so much for such an informative and satisfactory meeting yesterday.

You both made us feel so relaxed and assured about our present financial position. Neil you are marvellous at explaining the intricacies of the financial ‘jargon’ resulting in me finally understanding it all so very much better .....thank you!"

Lorraine, a wealth management client

 "To know that I can always ring Peter Taylor with any questions, however trivial, is very reassuring."

Angela, a wealth management client

 "Simon makes sure he understands your financial and family circumstances well so that major planning issues are addressed in advance and there are no major suprises as they approach, while keeping an eye on making sure that the basics of ISA, wills etc... are attended too but lesser students of their financial affairs."

Peter, a wealth management client

"Simon listens, understands and then gives quality advice. And chases me up when I need chasing......!"

Kevin, a wealth management client

 "Both previous and existing advisors have done their utmost to understand financial situation and to offer sensible advice."

Eve, a wealth management client

"Simon explains clearly why he makes proposals for portfolio changes and how these fit into your risk appetite. His own fee arrangements are very fair and transparent, and he explains where additional fees apply, eg for platforms, and those levied by Helm Godfrey on top of the investment managers fees. He also prepares well for review meetings and provides all requisite information and key facts, as required under applicable FCA rules."

Andrew, a wealth management client