Group Pension Schemes

Core to any benefits package is the company pension scheme offered. For many, pension schemes are the primary vehicle for retirement planning. With the introuction of auto-enrolment, from October 2012, all employers will automatically be required to enrol their employees in a pension scheme.

Company Pension Schemes can include:

  • Group Pension Plans (GPPs)
  • Group Stakeholder Pensions (GSHPs)
  • Group Money Purchase Pension
  • Group Additional Voluntary Contribution
  • Group Self-invested Personal Pension (GSIPPs)
  • Occupational Money Purchase Schemes

Existing Group Pension Scheme Audit

If you already have a pension scheme in place, we can conduct an audit to ensure the scheme meets the company’s requirements and remains competitive. We will work in partnership with you to give you the peace of mind you need.

Pension Transfer Service

Employees may have several pension plans with different providers. Helm Godfrey offers pension transfer services to help your employees consolidate their pension savings where it is appropriate to do so.