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Autumn 2020


Lockdown savings boost

Lockdown curtailed opportunities to spend.

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ESG investment comes into its own

ESG investing doesn't mean sacrificing returns.

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University Fees

Student debt: to pay or not to pay?

The pandemic hasn't changed the costs of university.

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Shareholder Dividends

Sharp fall for dividends

Dividends were down 50% in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

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Budget 2020

Looking to the next Budget

The 2nd Budget of 2020 could see of tax increases.

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Social Security Benefits

Pandemic lessons

Covid-19 has highlighted social security benefits.

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Women's state pension shortfall

Women should check their state pensions with DWP.

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A buy-to-let opportunity

Cuts to stamp duty have reduced the buy-to-let costs.

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Beat the scammers

Scams are becoming ever more sophisticated.

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A long wait...

The average age of inheritance is increasing.

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Video witnessing for wills

The rules are changing to allow remote witnessing.

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