Helm News: Just launched - A pension scheme exclusive for the film industry

Within the film industry, employers face a unique challenge when it comes to pension administration. With a high number of employees in the sector on fixed-term contracts, working from contract-to-contract and company-to-company, pension administration can be complicated, for the employer and employee.


The legal requirement for employers to automatically enrol all eligible employees into an appropriate pension scheme will result in many employees having multiple pensions and more time spent by them to administer them. With 10 duties, 9 sets of guidance and 250 pages of detail, complying with legislation is complex requiring many months of preparation.


Helm Godfrey, in partnership with Scottish Widows, have developed a pension scheme specifically for this group of employers – The Film Industry Pension Scheme. At the core of this scheme are the companies within the film industry, banding together to provide ease of portability and auto-enrolment compliance.


A dedicated film industry auto-enrolment workshop will take place on 20th June 2013. Please register at hg-strengthinnumbers.com or by contacting Daisy Hill at daisy.hill@helmgodfrey.com or 020 7614 1059.

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