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How Helm Godfrey simplifies Auto-Enrolment

Auto-enrolment is affecting employers of every size. Simplifying the process is vital for any organisation, and at Helm Godfrey we’ve developed a strategy to support our clients in complying with the complex requirements in the most pragmatic and appropriate manner for them. We do not propose unnecessary or over-engineered solutions, but neither do we assume that all employers will fit neatly into a pre-determined one-size-fits-all solution. We focus on defining the best route for each client regardless of size.

We believe that understanding is essential to good decision-making. We will analyse your needs, explain your options and assist you in making the decisions that you need to make. We will help you implement your strategy and ensure you comply with the legislation.

To find out how much our assistance is likely to cost, simply complete the brief questionnaire that will tell us about your likely auto-enrolment needs. We’ll then call or email as you prefer, (no hard sells or cold-calling, we promise) to tell you how we can help, and what our fees are likely to be.

Our estimated costs are itemized and if you want to do some of the work yourself, that’s fine. You only pay for the assistance you need. No fuss, no bother, no unnecessary software, and no open-ended consultation that doesn’t deliver the goods.


Automatic enrolment - Simplified solution by Helm Godfrey

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