Impact Investments

Impact investments are investments made into companies at an early growth stage, usually at venture capital stage. Impact investing supports a company whose products and/or services will generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. As these companies are often at early venture capital stage, they would not be listed under any ethical funds. Helm Godfrey is one of the few companies that pro-actively find impact investing opportunities. We feel that these opportunities may outperform the market because they operate in a more sustainable way. This socially conscious investing can deliver greater long-term wealth. It is an investment style driven by our ethical motivations alongside the commercial considerations for our clients.

Investments and the income from them can go down in value.

Is Impact Investing Right for You?

Impact investments are right for anyone that is looking for greater purpose in their investment allocations. For anyone that recognises that they can play a larger role by doing what they do anyway, just doing it slightly different. Impact investing can be attractive for anyone, individuals, foundations and family offices.

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