Lifetime Wealth Management

We all have our dreams – some big, some small. They are at the heart of who we are.

At Helm Godfrey, our first aim is to get to know you. To ask what it is you really want out of life – your lifetime goals, your aspirations – in essence, what it is you want to have, do and be.

Finding answers to these questions and the important part that money can play in achieving them is what The Lifetime Wealth Management Experience looks to deliver. Then the good financial advice can begin.

Investments and the income from them can go down in value.

  • Step 1: The Lifetime Navigator – Exploration and obstacles
  • Exploration: We explore the initial reasons for your visit and your immediate concerns – both financially and personally. We then move to your broader needs – your life, the lives of those you care for and your plans for the future. This leads to a deep understanding of your position in your life at this time and your goals.

    Vision: Now we strengthen and clarify our understanding of your life goals by helping you visualise how you would live an ideal day, week and year. You will be left with a new excitement at the real possibilities that your life could hold if you were truly to live it.

    Obstacles: Here, in the third part, we look at the obstacles and challenges that stand between you and achieving the life of your dreams. Focusing on multiple solutions for overcoming the obstacles, allows us to devise ways that free you to live your life’s dream. Having gone through this process we’ll know your life plan and be ready to create your financial plan, firmly anchored on that solid foundation.

  • Step 2: The Lifetime Financial Planner – Net worth
  • We will gather all the facts and figures about your current situation and produce a net worth statement summarising your assets and liabilities.

    Financial Road Map: We discuss your financial plans for the future and talk through your financial goals to produce your financial road map. The financial road map is designed to give a broad outline of your goals and how you hope to achieve them.

    Lifetime Cash Flow: We will then agree assumptions with you in order to produce a lifetime cash flow analysis.

    The lifetime cash flow exercise allows us to see if you are on track to reach your goals and to identify any gaps there may be.

  • Step 3: The Bespoke Investment Programme – Risk profiling
  • At the heart of our investment recommendations is an understanding of your tolerance to risk. First, we go through an actuarial questionnaire, your answers produce a risk score and a recommended asset allocation. Second, we look at past returns from different asset classes and test the level of potential loss and reward with which you are comfortable.

    Asset Allocation: The asset allocation, suggested by your risk profile aims to spread your wealth across a diverse range of asset classes. These include shares, property, bonds and cash with strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions being carried out when appropriate. The optimum allocation is based on your own view of risk verses reward and to best serve your objectives and needs.

    Investment Plan: We will then design an investment plan that is suitable for your risk profile and designed to meet your objectives. Your plan will take into account the benefits of diversification, the control of expenses, the minimisation of taxes and asset turnover. All based on a long-term disciplined investment approach.

  • Step 4: The Strategic Tax Solution – Capital Tax planning
  • Capital Tax Planning: With all your investments we will look to take advantage of any tax allowances available. Our aim is to ensure that your wealth is held tax efficiently for your circumstances.

    Legacy Planning: We will look at your estate and recommend ways of reducing the inheritance tax burden on your family and beneficiaries. If that is not possible or appropriate, we will try and find ways to mitigate your tax bill.

    Tax Savings Statement: Each year we will produce a statement showing the tax you have saved over the year as a result of our recommendations.

  • The Annual Revaluation Process
  • Each year we will update and review your life plan, financial plan, investment plan and tax plan. This will take into account any changes in circumstances and make sure the investments are still on track and suitable.

    We will review the asset allocation of your investments and compare this to the agreed allocation and rebalance if necessary. We will also make recommendations for using annual tax allowances.

    The end result will be to maintain a steady navigation of your Lifetime Wealth Management ExperienceTM so it continues to deliver the life you truly want.