A quarter of a century after learning an important advice lesson

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Anthony Nash, Wealth Management Adviser

26 years ago and fresh to the big wide world of financial services I recall one of my earliest client meetings with a vibrant young man who at that time was working as a shop assistant in an electrical store. He was just starting out a new life in London having moved from a greener setting and was settling down with his girlfriend.


This bright young couple had a plan to marry, set up home together and start a family; the idyllic dream of young love. Though they had inexperienced heads on their shoulders they had the foresight to consider that they should save towards their financial future and offer for each other protection should the very worst happen.


This was the first time they had seriously considered planning for their future together as until then planning ahead was more pipe dream than in the pipeline and planning and saving together made the dream more tangible, you could almost taste the wedding cake.


Soon after starting their policy this couple were invited back to my office to collect their policy documents as was the custom back then before Microsoft windows was commonplace and email replaced all communication. Again we chatted about future plans and they were grateful for being encouraged to tackle the first steps.


Weeks after such a promising start I received some terrible news; the young aspiring shop assistant was killed in a motorcycle accident.


A few weeks passed and the shop assistant’s girlfriend called me, as she wanted to update her financial plan. At our meeting we began to discuss the changes needed when she revealed amendments were necessary as part of the couple’s dream was coming true; she was expecting their first child.


26 years ago I was taught to protect clients and their loved ones, as you never know what the future can bring. The above events happening so early in my career always served as a poignant reminder of the importance of life assurance. 


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