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Anthony Nash’s session was the biggest motivation for me when I learned he did not attend university as I could relate to this as I wasn’t planning to either, but was worried about the impact it would it have if I wanted a good job. However it was insightful to learn that with the right attitude and determination, like Anthony’s, you can always get to where you want to be. I was engaged straight away from this point onwards and I am glad I was as it really opened my eyes to the real world of finance that I had never thought about before (pensions, taxes, budgeting). Things I thought I wouldn’t have to think about for many years to come, but really demonstrated everything going on around me financially. Anthony found a way to talk about finance without making it boring and easily captivated a class of 16 year olds, which isn’t easy. Not only was it the information we were being given, but also the way it was presented with such confidence, Anthony knew exactly what he was talking about.


Going from being in one of Anthony’s sessions to working together within the same office at Helm Godfrey shows how a little bit of inspiration and support can really impact your career.


City Gateway works with young people from all different backgrounds. They specialise in pre-employment training which preps the young people for an apprenticeship by helping with their CV’s, interview practice, email and telephone manner and also invite guest speakers in to help inspire and kick start their careers. Once they have been paired up with a business and start their apprenticeship, City Gateway does not stop there, they continue to provide support throughout and even after they have finished the qualification. I still email them questions two years on!


Anthony Nash has been volunteering at City Gateway since 2013, visiting every class that goes through pre-employment training and giving them an insight into finances and workplace skills. 


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