Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical asset management is designed to increase returns and to control risks beyond that given by the original strategic asset mix. Tactical Asset Allocation is designed to exploit short and medium term market opportunities that appear over the course of long-term investment periods. These can be taken advantage of through deliberate, temporary deviations from the long-term strategic asset allocation. Our particular asset management approach is focused on risk. We are more concerned with reducing risk than chasing spectacular returns. Our aim is to try and avoid heavy exposure to investment markets when they are approaching periods where likely returns do not justify the risk.

Investments and the income from them can go down in value.

Most importantly, we work with you to ensure that your portfolio is handled in just the way that you need it, assessing your risk tolerance and rebalancing as needed. Over time asset classes grow at different rates and we work closely with you to monitor the performance to continually diversify in line with your risk profile.