Will Writing Services

You need a Will to ensure that your intentions for your estate are carried out and that your heirs lose as little as possible in tax. Through the Wills we have prepared, we have saved our clients’ heirs many thousands of pounds, which would otherwise have been lost to the tax system.

You are also helping your family by simplifying the administration of your estate and saving them time, unnecessary stress and costs. Estate Planning is an integral part of our service.

As well as minimising the effects of Inheritance Tax, many families wish to ensure the preservation of their wealth through several generations, making provision for children whilst considering events of divorce or bankruptcy and to provide for later life care.

You will find that we will fit our consultations to your working patterns and that your fee will be fixed.

Once you have wisely made a Will, you will be reassured to know that your Will is constantly monitored and we research all developments in the law and tax relating to Wills and Inheritance Tax. You will be offered regular reviews of your provisions so that your estate is always prudently protected.

Simple steps in creating your Will


1 Initially, you will receive a phone call to clarify any particular questions you may have and to arrange a convenient time when one of our specialists can visit you.
2 When we meet, we will ask you many questions. This is so we can fully understand your circumstances and can advise you accordingly. We will then explain any legal jargon and the many choices and options available to you.
3 Where appropriate, we will discuss Inheritance Tax with you, and explain the various strategies that can minimise the tax loss to your family. You may have already arranged this with your adviser and we would coordinate accordingly. We also take your payment for our services.
4 Within 10 to 14 working days you will receive your Will along with instructions for signing and witnessing. The Will becomes a legally binding document once it has been correctly signed and witnessed.
5 98% of our clients then return the completed Will to us for safe keeping in our specially designed document vaults. These are climate controlled and fireproof. You, of course, will retain a copy. There is a small annual charge for this service, which includes a yearly review, with an opportunity to revise your Will cost effectively.

You will find the whole process is as uncomplicated and friendly as possible, but still gives you the best advice and an excellent quality of service.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is intended to preserve, protect and pass on family wealth. Inheritance Tax planning is an important aspect of estate planning, but there are many other elements an individual needs to take into account in protecting their wealth against risk and government interference.

We have advised many families on strategies to protect their wealth through several generations and are well placed to give guidance and recommendations.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are necessary should you be unable to use your mental and physical faculties. Strokes, industrial and road traffic accidents, holiday and hospital infections can all render you helpless to handle your own affairs.

Living Wills

A Living Will, or more correctly, an Advance Directive, enables you to determine what level of medical support you receive, should you sustain a serious injury, or contract an incapacitating illness, whereby you are unable to communicate with the carers yourself.

It is never too soon to prepare any of these documents because when they are needed, sadly, you will be unable to sign them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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